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Foods For Increase Testosterone Production

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. This hormone controls the sexual activities including libido, in men. Besides, the hormone has other vital activities too. The basic chemical composition of this hormone includes steroids which have significant physiological as well as psychological functions in men, especially the adult ones. Most of the libido pills available in the market contain steroid as the fundamental and functional ingredient.

The production of testosterone starts getting reduced as men attain the age of thirty. As they get older, the production of testosterone gets deceased gradually. As a result of gradual reduction in the level of testosterone, men suffer from a number of physiological and psychological conditions such as lack of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, acute depression, fatigue, low energy level and insomnia. Men suffer from these conditions mostly at their middle age. Men who are suffering from these symptoms must start taking libido booster or testosterone food.

There are some foods that help amplifying the production as well as secretion of male sex hormone or testosterone. Such foods are known as testosterone foods. Such foods are generally rich in the mineral, named zinc. Testosterone foods are often regarded as aphrodisiacs or natural libido booster. Danh gia Titan Gel

Testosterone foods are good resource of zinc. They help to boost testosterone production and thus lessen intensity of low-testosterone symptoms. Studies have revealed that consumption of testosterone foods on regular basis enhances the production of testosterone as well as human growth hormone and also increase the sperm count in men. Some must-know facts about testosterone foods, also considered as natural libido enhancer are being discussed below.

    • Oysters – Oysters have been best known for its zinc content. For years, oyster has been regarded as an effective sex enhancer or aphrodisiac. According to researches, these foods are rich in natural zinc, the mineral which helps increasing testosterone production, immensely. People suffering from low libido or reduced sexual drive or low sperm count must add oysters in their daily diet.


    • Red meat or animal proteins – Animal proteins especially red meat are another good source of zinc. Wild game, roasts, steaks, lamb chops are really good for men, who want to retrieve their lost sexual drive. These libido enhancement foods or testosterone foods are not so expensive and convenient to buy and cook. One can easily find such foods in the market.


  • Poultry – Poultry foods are also good source of natural zinc. Chicken, goose, duck and turkey, all of them are rich in zinc and thus act as good libido enhancer. In fact, poultry birds and red meat make up the zinc requirement of most of the Americans.

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